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An Mesa inmate file is a public record with demographic data, criminal history, prison sentence, and other information. These records are usually maintained by government agencies and created by the Department of Corrections or a local jail. These records are helpful for background checks as well as for investigating an inmate’s criminal past. Various online resources allow the public to access inmate records, including the Department of Corrections’ website and inmate search engines. These records are also accessible through government agencies that have criminal justice records. The public can view the majority of inmate records. However, some information might not be accessible to the general public. 

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County Resources.

Mesa Police Department (MPD Inmate Search)

130 N Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201

(480) 644-2211

Mesa Police Department Records Center 


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office MCSO

550 West Jackson, Phoenix Arizona 85003, United States

Phone:(602) 876-1000

Find An Inmate

Mugshot Lookup 

MCSO Public Records


Superior Court (Felony)

Online Criminal 

In Person – Available

Central Court Building

Address: 201 W. Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ 85003



Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)


In Person – Available

Downtown Location

Court Address: 620 W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ 85003 

(602) 372-6300


Mesa Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)

Online Case Access

250 E 1st Ave Mesa, AZ 85210



Mesa Police Department Holding Facility

1464 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ, 85204, United States



Mesa Inmate Search Online

Each state in the United States has its Department of Corrections. They keep records of all current inmates in state prisons or jails. These records are generally public and accessible to all who wish to search for them. Once you’ve found a website that allows you to do a Mesa inmate search, it is time to search for them using the inmate name and other identifying data. A Google search is a good option if you don’t have enough information.

Arizona State Prison VS Mesa Jail

There are several key differences between state prisons and county jails:

State prisons are typically much larger than county jails, housing inmates from all over the state.

State prisons are run by the state government, while the county sheriff’s department typically runs county jails.

Inmates in state prisons typically serve longer sentences for more serious offenses than those in county jails.

State prisons offer a variety of programs and services to inmates, such as education and job training, that are not typically available in county jails.

Arizona Prison Inmate Search

There are a few ways to go about finding someone who is currently incarcerated. One option is to contact the prison directly. Most prisons maintain an online database of inmates, which the public can use to search by name or inmate ID number. Another option is to use a commercial search service. These services allow you to search for people by name and location and often have information on inmates. Finally, you can try reaching out to friends or family members of the person you are looking for. They may know how to get in touch with the person, or they may be able to provide information on their current whereabouts. Regardless of the method you choose, finding someone who is in prison can be a challenge.

Mesa Jail Inmate Search

There are many ways to find someone who’s been in county jail in Mesa. Search for the inmate’s name, booking number, or address on the county jail’s website. You can also call the county jail to get information about an individual inmate.

Mesa Jail Mugshots

There are several ways you can get a Mesa mugshot of an inmate. Contact the prison or jail directly to find out if any mugshots are on file. This information may also be available in online databases. The final option is to search Google or Bing for the name and address of the inmate. Search results should show up if the inmate has a publicly available mugshot.

Mesa Jail Log

A Mesa jail log will typically reveal a person’s name, date of birth, and charges against them. A jail log may include a person’s booking photo and release date. Sometimes, a jail log may provide information about a person’s criminal record or lack thereof. A jail log can determine if someone has been arrested repeatedly for the same crime. It could also indicate if they are a first-time criminal. In either case, jail logs can give valuable information about criminal history.

Mesa Jail Roster

You may contact the local sheriff’s office or the county clerk’s office to get a copy of the county jail roster. You might also be able to find the information online using a public record search.