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The government maintains inmate records because they are public records. Navajo County inmate records include the inmate’s name, date and birth, offense committed, sentence length, and other details. Journalists, researchers, and families looking for information on someone who has been incarcerated will find it helpful.

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Navajo County Resources

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO Inmate Search)

137 W Arizona St, Holbrook, AZ 86025

(928) 536-7327

Jail Inmate Housing Report 

Inmate Information


Navajo County Superior Court (Felony)


In Person – Available

100 E Code Talkers Dr Holbrook, AZ 86025



Navajo County Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)


In Person – Available

121 W Buffalo Holbrook, AZ 86025



Navajo County Jail

100 Code Talkers Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025

Phone: (928) 524-4450



Navajo Nation Corrections

Kayenta, AZ 86033

Phone: (928) 697-5610


Navajo County Jail Inmate Search Online

You can start by opening your favorite search engine—type in “Navajo County inmate search”. This will open a list of websites offering searchable databases of prisoners in a given state. Next, narrow your options by looking at websites operated by the state or county sheriff’s offices. These websites provide the most reliable source of information on inmates.

Arizona State Prison VS Navajo County Jail

Jails house persons who have been detained and awaiting trial and those who are sentenced for a short time. Jails are typically run by the county sheriff’s department, while the state or the federal government runs prisons.

Arizona Prison Inmate Search

You can search the online database of the Department of Corrections for those who want to know who is currently in jail. This website allows users to search for inmates by name or inmate number. After finding the inmate, you will be able to view their profile. This will display their current location, sentence information, and release date. 

Navajo County Jail Inmate Search

There are several options for finding someone in jail in Navajo County. You can contact the jail directly to ask for information about an individual inmate or use an online search engine to find someone in jail. This website has a database of all the inmates held in U.S. prisons. You can search by name, race, gender, and location to locate an inmate. A bail bond agent or private detective may also assist you in finding the person behind bars.

Navajo County Jail Mugshots

Many states consider mugshots of inmates’ public records. They are thus available to the public. However, in some cases, mugshots can be exempted from public disclosure if they are part of an ongoing investigation or if they are minor.

Navajo County Jail Log

Anybody can request logs from the Navajo County sheriff’s office. The logs typically contain the names of those booked into jail, the charges they face, and the bond information.

Navajo County Jail Roster

Jail rosters may be Navajo County public records, but some information is not generally available to the general public. This includes information regarding inmates who are currently in custody but have not been charged yet with a crime.