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Peoria inmate records refer to the records prisons or jails keep on each inmate. They contain information about each inmate’s name and inmate number, race, gender, arrest date/booking, release date, charges, and sentence. Family members and friends of inmates can use this information to keep track of their status and researchers studying the criminal justice system.

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Peoria Resources

Peoria Police Department (PPD Inmate Search)

8351 W Cinnabar Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

(623) 773-8311

Obtain Police Records –


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office MCSO

550 West Jackson, Phoenix Arizona 85003, United States

Phone:(602) 876-1000

Find An Inmate –

Mugshot Lookup –

MCSO Public Records –


Superior Court (Felony)

Online Criminal –

In Person – Available

Central Court Building

Address: 201 W. Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ 85003



Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)

Online –

In Person – Available

Downtown Location

Court Address: 620 W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ 85003 

(602) 372-6300


Peoria Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)

Records Request –

10100 N 83rd Ave Peoria, AZ 85345


Peoria Jail Inmate Search Online

There are many ways to do a Peoria inmate search for online records of inmates. Search through a government website to find this type of service. You can also use a private website to perform this type of search. You can also search using an online search engine such as Google and Yahoo. Each method comes with its pros and cons. You must choose the one that meets your needs. You can search for inmate records in a particular state or county through the government website. A government website offers the advantage that records are more accurate and current.

Arizona State Prison VS Peoria Jail

There are many significant differences between state prisons and county jails. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that state prisons are much larger than county jails. This is because they are designed to house inmates convicted of more serious offenses, such as felonies. In contrast, county jails typically only hold inmates awaiting trial or convicted of misdemeanors. Another key difference is that state prisons are operated by the state government, while the county sheriff’s department typically operates county jails. This can cause some confusion for inmates, as they may be transferred from one facility to another depending on the severity of their offense. Finally, it is important to note that inmates in state prison are typically not eligible for bail, whereas inmates in county jail usually are. This is just one more way that the two types of facilities differ.

Arizona Prison Inmate Search

There are several ways to locate an inmate at a state prison. You can contact the prison directly to inquire about the status and location of the inmate. This can be difficult as the prison staff may not have time to search for information about an inmate. You can also use online search engines such as Google and Bing. You can search for the contact information of an inmate by simply entering their name and the state where they are being held. A specialized inmate search site is also an option. These websites offer information about inmates across all states and are regularly updated with new inmates and changes in status. If you have a friend or relative who is currently in prison, they might be able to provide information about how to reach the inmate you are searching for.

Peoria Jail Inmate Search

The county sheriff’s office is the best place to begin your search when looking for an inmate within a county jail. The sheriff’s department will have a list of inmates and their booking information.

Peoria Jail Mugshots

The United States considers mugshots of prisoners’ public records. Anyone can request them directly from the government agency concerned and will often be granted access. There are exceptions, though, like when an individual’s right to privacy is greater than the public right to know. Images of inmate mugshots can be used by the media and are useful for law enforcement agencies. However, they can also lead to embarrassment for the person pictured.

Peoria Jail Log

Jail logs have been made public records. These records can be accessed by anyone who requests them from the appropriate government agency. These records can be obtained for a fee, but generally, they are available to the general public. These logs include information about when an individual was booked into prison, the release date, and other pertinent information. These logs are extremely valuable for researchers and journalists who want to learn more about the inner workings of a criminal justice system.

Peoria Jail Roster

A Peoria jail roster is a list that lists all people who were arrested and are currently being held in prison. The police use this list to track who was arrested and where they are held. The court system also uses the jail roster to determine who is in jail and who is in court.