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When law enforcement agents need to search for evidence, make arrests, confiscate property, or do any other legal measures, they are given a warrant in Tucson AZ, which is a written order from a court, magistrate, or other authority. Warrants can permit the police to hold a person in custody for booking, processing, and charging someone with a crime.

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Tucson Police Department (TPD Warrant Search)
270 S Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 791-4444
Active Warrant Guide

Pima County Sheriff’s Department
1750 E Benson Hwy, Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone: (520) 351-4600
Warrant FAQ

88 Crime Program
Most Wanted Fugitives

Superior Court (Felony)
Online – Web
In Person – Available
110 W Congress St, Rm 241 Legal Records Tucson, AZ

Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Online – Web
In Person – Available
240 N Stone Ave, 2nd Fl Tucson, AZ 85701

Tucson City Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Court Defendant Search – Web
103 E Alameda Tucson, AZ 85701

Tucson Warrant Search Online

There are several ways to search for warrants in Tucson AZ. If there are any outstanding warrants, you can inquire at the county courthouse in your area. Online databases maintained by private organizations and the local courts can be used. A private investigator can also perform a warrant search on your behalf.

Using Court Documents

To find out whether someone has an arrest warrant out for them, you may look up Tucson court records. Accomplish it as follows: Ask the courtroom clerk in your area to assist you in determining whether a person has an arrest warrant out for them. Tell the clerk that you want to know if somebody is detained on a warrant. You should expect the staff to ask you for the person’s name and birthdate.

Tucson Sheriff Warrant Search

Another good place to check for warrant records is on the website of your neighborhood sheriff’s office. The warrant records you’re looking for can be found in their searchable database if one is available. Sometimes details, including the name and address of the person you’re looking for, may be required.

Tucson Bench Warrant List

A Tucson bench warrant enables a judge to order the arrest of a defendant who has failed to appear in court. If you don’t show up or fail to appear in court, a bench warrant is issued for your arrest.

Tucson Arrest Warrants

A court order known as an arrest warrant allows the police to detain someone being investigated for a crime. The Tucson police are legally permitted to detain the subject when an arrest warrant is obtained. Typically, an arrest warrant is issued following the filing a criminal complaint against the subject.

Fugitive On The Run

A fugitive arrest warrant is issued when someone runs from the legal system. This suggests that the defendant has left the legal system of the court where they were facing criminal accusations.

Search Warrant

Tucson police can get a search warrant by going through the proper processes. They must present the judge with their proof. If there is sufficient probable cause, the court will evaluate the facts and issue the warrant. The court will sign the search warrant and allow the police to investigate if they have enough probable cause to do so.

Free Tucson AZ Warrant Search

You may perform a Tucson warrant search with various methods at no cost. The easiest way to run a free warrant check online is by using a public records search engine. You may use these search engines to look for warrants issued in your name and other public documents that may interest you.