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State Court Records in Arizona are a compilation of all of the records a court manages. From criminal situations to civil disputes. These records can paint a picture of what transpired in the courtroom during a court session proceedings. All court proceedings are chronicled, and a record of everything that came about is made, including personalities involved, charges, and decisions reached, all of which are placed in permanent documents.

Arizona State Court Record Tools.

Supreme Court
Arizona Supreme Court Opinions. –

The Court of Appeals
Division One Opinions –
Division Two Opinions –

Superior Court (Types of Court Records – Felony, Criminal, Misdemeanor, Civil, Juvenile, Probate, Eviction, Family, Estate)
Onsite Public Terminal Present
eAccess –
Public Access to Court Information – (No Maricopa and Pima County) (Information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona)

Justice of the Peace Court (Types of Court Records – Criminal, Misdemeanor, Limited Civil, Small Claims, Eviction, Traffic)
Onsite Public Terminal Present
Public Access to Court Information – (No Maricopa and Pima County) (Information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona)

Municipal Court (Traffic, Ordinance)
Public Court Record Terminals – Yes
Online Acess – (No Maricopa and Pima County) (Information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona)

Maricopa County Court Records Online
Criminal Court Case History –
Civil Court Case History –
Justice Court Case History –
Chandler Municipal Court Case Search –
Gilbert Municipal Public Access Portal –
Mesa Municipal Search for Ticket –
Tempe Municipal –

Pima County Court Records Online
Pima Consolidated Justice Court Case Search  –
Pima County Clerk of Superior Court Database –

Are Arizona Court Records Open to The Public?

Fundamentally, all records filed with the court are publicly reachable. This is irrespective of if it’s a record regarding a divorce, criminal procedure, or exceeding the speed limit ticket. Practically any legal matter is recorded, and in many instances, it will be accessible to the general public. Even so, there are some cases where the records are kept private. A participant in a judicial action may ask the court to “seal” a record. This indicates its components won’t be part of the public record. A good case would have to be in place to get a court to authorize the inquiry.

What is a Clerk of Courts?

A clerk of courts in Arizona is any individual responsible for recording testimonies and tasks that transpire during a court session. Inside the judicial system, clerks of courts represent a significant function in the legal system. Their responsibility is crucial in the court system. Considering they are charged with the record-keeping of all actions in a case. As well as putting together and keeping documents, the clerk of courts administers oaths in Arizona.

How to Look Up Arizona Court Records?

Arizona and other states and counties provide connectivity to court records using web-based entryways. This access can be restricted to court docket searches, and the sum of court data accessible on the net will generally hinge on the county. The state and county you are considering to acquire records from will fluctuate from one area to another. To start, it’s best to see if the state has a statewide gateway and work your way from there to county courts.

How to Get Court Records Online for Free in Arizona

It is not difficult to view Arizona public court records for free on the net. Before you try, you need to understand what types of court documents you are searching for. Checking public court reports is generally free and open at the county level. Except if it’s a current case or the court opted to seal them. All inquiries will be carried out through the Federal, State, or Local court systems, depending on the individual’s court records.

Criminal vs Civil Court Records in Arizona.

Arizona criminal court and civil court records are different. Civil cases are private disputes between organizations or people. Criminal cases entail prohibited activities that are detrimental to society. Criminal court records are distinct cases that transpire in criminal court. In comparison, civil court records apply only to civil cases. Though criminal law and civil law occasionally overlap, they are two separate areas of law.